The World Around

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign." – Robert Louis Stevenson

Dreaming & Planning

Have you ever met a person not dreaming to travel the world?

I’ve not! I guess, every person dreams of traveling: some want exploring Asian temples, some - heaven-reaching scyscrappers and others - peaceful under-the-palm beddies.

And every one will have the first traveling experience! It depends on you and only you how rich your experience will be!

The first step is to start dreaming and dreaming in an organized way! There are many ways to organized dreaming: collecting movies and songs related to the dreamed point on globe, googling pictures and photos, listening to breathtaing stories from experienced friends and the like.

I’d recommend start with Pinterest! That’s a marvelous social network that collects visuals not only on travel. First, you may start with simple board.

The second step is to start planning. There’re dozens of possible ways to plan the traveling experience. However, you can use Pinterest as well to roughly plan your travel using Mapped boards. It perfectly helps to build an overall image of what you dream and wait from travel!